Another website and a redesign

Discovering the fun of websites again, after a long absence (work, family and stuff). Long ago, I registered as an obvious sitename for me (vrolijk is happy in dutch), but hadn't yet decided what to do with it. Last december I finally found the time and inspiration (these are not always simultaneous) to design something.

New website live

My old website online for my local neighborhood community Zeeheldenbuurt. It is a drupal site like this one, but it is intended as a community site.

You can visit an archive of the site at

It has:

Please switch off your Sat Nav

A sign asking people to switch off their SatNav

Increasingly the downsides of people's reliance on technology become evident. Now that a large percentage of cars have satellite navigation, more and more drivers just follow the calculated shortest routes. Not a very pleasant notion if you happen to live in a small village between popular places and have a road connecting these places going through your rural community.

Really nice online game in Flash / Papervision

Editing view and in the inset an in-game image

I came across a very nicely created Flash game in which you can design and fly your own toy airplanes. There is also a community where you can view, fly, rate and even adapt each others planes. The site was created by Less Rain and you can read about the design process on their blog. They used an open source 3D engine for Flash called Papervision. I have been playing around with it, so maybe I will put some nice animation up here as well.

Installing Gnucash on Leopard

Gnucash is an open source accounting program for personal and small business use. When looking for a simple way to do the books for my company I came across it. I could easily install it under Ubuntu, but I really wanted to run it under OS X as well. Luckily it has been ported by both Fink and MacPorts.

I decided to try the MacPorts distribution but this did not install straight away under Leopard (10.5.2). I did get it running after some tweaks however.

I have been indexed (Jay!)

Out of curiosity I just tried googling myself (not a habit, honestly) and found that my profile page at is the first hit for the term Marcel Vrolijk. Lamia IT gives my company site on the first page and for just Vrolijk I am on the second page. Sometimes it still surprises me how easy it is to find stuff through Google and how quickly things are indexed.

Laan van NOI

Black and white image of the laan van NOI, the Hague

I was on my way to work on a snowy and rainy day when I passed this nice scene on the Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie in The Hague. Luckily I had my camera with me (I should pack it more often) and I shot a few pictures. This particular one was cropped to a panoramic view and converted to greyscale. I reduced the blues a bit to add contrast to the sky.

It's coming

Built-up area advancing on the country side

Taken just outside Leiderdorp, a village bordering on a large polder. New houses are being built and slowly the quiet of the little farm on the right is being disturbed.

A panorama created from five individual photographs.

Playing around with css and javascript

I have added a little javascript game to the site. Mainly to see how well it would integrate into the Drupal site. The game itself is a simple "find-the-words-in-a-matrix" and it currently contains a list of Dutch words only. I may extend it with Russian and English later on.

Rent a car

Photographed on Moscow's Tverskaya ulitsa. When they said that they could deliver the car in any colour, they did mean any colour.

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