Playing around with css and javascript

I have added a little javascript game to the site. Mainly to see how well it would integrate into the Drupal site. The game itself is a simple "find-the-words-in-a-matrix" and it currently contains a list of Dutch words only. I may extend it with Russian and English later on.

I added it to Drupal as a page with full HTML and with a custom path. It worked very nicely, including the styles. I did have a few conflicts with some classes: when developing the page, it was all on a single html page and I could use all classes I wanted. When it is part of Drupal you should take care not to override the body style as it will affect the entire site when the page is open :-). Also the style ".done" that I used to set a word as found in the wordlist did not work.

When debugging the styles the Firefox extension Firebug was a great help. You can use it to inspect styles, javascript and the DOM of your page. It shows you the whole hierarchy of your site and what styles are being overriden and where they come from.