Please switch off your Sat Nav

A sign asking people to switch off their SatNav

Increasingly the downsides of people's reliance on technology become evident. Now that a large percentage of cars have satellite navigation, more and more drivers just follow the calculated shortest routes. Not a very pleasant notion if you happen to live in a small village between popular places and have a road connecting these places going through your rural community.
Judging by the sign I found recently, the people of Poelgeest didn't find the increase in traffic through their village much fun either. In dutch it says, "switch off SatNav" (no please). I don't think that the pictogram is very clear in its meaning however. The radio signal appears to come from the device which could be anything (a television ?). Maybe a 3D arrow on screen might make it more obviously a SatNav system.
Anyway I hope that it makes life easier for the people in Poelgeest.