Another website and a redesign

Discovering the fun of websites again, after a long absence (work, family and stuff). Long ago, I registered as an obvious sitename for me (vrolijk is happy in dutch), but hadn't yet decided what to do with it. Last december I finally found the time and inspiration (these are not always simultaneous) to design something.

The site is based on Drupal and the theme is completely customized. I wanted the style to be light hearted and fun, so I decided on a cartoony look, drawing the characters of a virtual company. In a way it is now challenging this site as my primary blog.

The other site I worked on is, the poster site for my freelance business. It needed a long overdue redesign. Now it is the opposite of happyconsultancy as it is done in boring corporate blue and grey. Also, I decided not to use Drupal, as there isn't much need for dynamic content. It just needs to provide the minimum of information to people looking for me professionally. So the resulting site is a simple hand coded site, like the old days.