The basics are up and running..

So, I have spent almost two weeks worth of evenings on configuring and setting up my server. The time has now come to give some thoughts on where to take this further. The basics are up and seems to be running smoothly.

To recap what I have now;

  • A virtual private server running Ubuntu
  • Websites and mail for two domains
  • Drupal as CMS on the two sites
  • Subversion and websvn for versioning
  • Automated off site backup and some other useful titbits

It has mainly been plain sailing, with the exception of Subversion dav-svn access. I kept getting propfind errors while using it under a virtual host (as I wanted). After getting it to work under a I tried once more as a virtual host, and then it worked. Gremlins apparently. I will add the setup to the server howto. EDIT: apparently the Location I chose (/) was the source of the problems. I changed it to /svn and this seems to work for now.

The last few days I have also been busy studying Drupal. It is somewhat unfriendly to start off with, but I am starting to see how it is set up and it does appear structured and powerful in its own peculiar way.

Brushing up on PHP now...