Laan van NOI

Black and white image of the laan van NOI, the Hague

I was on my way to work on a snowy and rainy day when I passed this nice scene on the Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie in The Hague. Luckily I had my camera with me (I should pack it more often) and I shot a few pictures. This particular one was cropped to a panoramic view and converted to greyscale. I reduced the blues a bit to add contrast to the sky.

It's coming

Built-up area advancing on the country side

Taken just outside Leiderdorp, a village bordering on a large polder. New houses are being built and slowly the quiet of the little farm on the right is being disturbed.

A panorama created from five individual photographs.

Snow too

Another shot of the rare phenomenon in the Netherlands called snow.

Crisp snow

We don't get snow that often and when we do you should get there as soon as possible. This is early morning, with the sun peeking thorugh the frosted trees.

Sometimes you have an itch

A deer caught in his evening toilet.

Power lines

Early morning.

Grote Markt

On the central square in Brussels a concert was held during the evenings, accompanied by a light show projected onto city hall. Large snowflakes are seen drifting down here.

Horse ride

Plaisir d'Hivers winter fair in Brussels.

Light fountain

The latest in lighting and as of yet only to be found in Leiden: Light fountains. Just be sure not to stand on top of one.
(no Photoshop required; just swivel the camera down in the last 1/3 of exposure)

On the Bridge

Another night time favourite. Drag along with the subject. I made a few, but this one was the best.

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